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Print­ers and Design­ers needs to take a greater part in the online world to remain attrac­tive and rel­e­vant to their busi­ness clients

Kevin Trye,  CMS Web­site Developer

Direct mail and print mar­ket­ing has been the main­stay of com­pa­nies for decades. We joined the print indus­try as a Pre­press engi­neer in 1988 in the off­set print indus­try. In 1997 joined Fuji Xerox when dig­i­tal emerged. In 2003 we moved into the online space, with web­site devel­op­ment, focus­ing upon CMS (data-driven) sites, which has pro­vided a steady stream of new work and clients.

Graphic design­ers need to also embrace the online world more than they have. With our help, we can put your graphic design skills and soft­ware to bet­ter use, expand­ing your busi­ness offer­ings and keep­ing clients loyal”

The goal of this site today is to sim­ply help graphic design­ers take up New Media oppor­tu­ni­ties, to ensure a steady stream of work as design for print mar­ket­ing declines.

View Kevin Trye's profile on LinkedInOur com­plete indus­try back­ground is view­able on linkedin. To learn more of our unique ser­vices, I may be con­tacted at zn.oc.tentnirpnull@nivek  or on mobile 022 154 5259

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