Avoiding those hosting nightmares

Yes, host­ing has become a LOT more com­plex over the years and the above video from a US col­league sums it up well. A few years back it was quite an easy game for entre­pre­neurs to get into and make good mon­ey. In 2014 it has become a lot hard­er.

The fact is that the online world has become more hos­tile and com­pet­i­tive. There’s more traf­fic online and more nasty indi­vid­u­als or bots try­ing to hack into web­sites and the web servers they run on. Here’s a traf­fic sam­ple from a client site show­ing reg­u­lar and high threat traf­fic, pri­mar­i­ly nasty bots. This sort of thing is occur­ring 24 hours a day on most high traf­fic web­sites.bots-threats

Like it or not, host providers have to upgrade their servers as well as hire bet­ter tech­ni­cal staff to cope with this hid­den men­ace. Some locals like Rimu host­ing, sub­con­tract to expert web­serv­er geeks around the plan­et to main­tain their sys­tems, since most faults can be fixed remote­ly. A good idea real­ly. This glob­al approach reduces their costs as well as ensur­ing I can put in a sup­port call any time of the day or night, and get a response with­in min­utes. Busi­ness­es now demand this 24/7 ser­vice and don’t expect to see their web­sites down, even for 10 min­utes on a Sun­day night.

No place for amateurs or DIY enthusiasts.

Who your web developer/designer uses for host­ing your busi­ness web­site is crit­i­cal today. And the needs of your web­site may be total­ly dif­fer­ent from anoth­er. In the age of cus­tomised, data­base-dri­ven web­sites, no two are the same or require the same host­ing resources. And decid­ing who should be your host provider is not like buy­ing a new car — See­ing who has the ‘best deal’. It is a high­ly tech­ni­cal deci­sion and one few busi­ness­es own­ers are qual­i­fied to make. Even web design­ers strug­gle to come to terms with it all, often going with the cheap­est option or what a friend has rec­om­mend­ed.

It’s an area that is under con­stant change too. New ultra-reli­able, super-fast ded­i­cat­ed or scal­able cloud-based options offer great hope for the future. But these new sys­tems are also far more com­plex, more cost­ly to set­up and need more main­te­nance. The days of the cheap $30–50/mth fee for reli­able busi­ness web­site host­ing is dis­ap­pear­ing fast. But at the same time these new­er options and a huge bas­ket of relat­ed ser­vices can enhance our online pres­ence and busi­ness rep­u­ta­tion, when expert­ly assem­bled.

kgtThe com­ing years promise to be an inter­est­ing time for web­site devel­op­ment, where the inno­va­tors will rise and those that ignore these tech­no­log­i­cal chal­lenges (and oppor­tu­ni­ties) will quick­ly fall away.

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