Flash Websites – Upgrade now!

We’ve come across a lot of sites recently that from a coding and traffic perspective, are bad for business.

Always top of the list of course are those websites done entirely in Flash. This old technology should be used sparingly in a business website. As one designer noted on a design forum, it’s ‘business suicide to use flash’. Visually it can be stunning. It just lacks an ROI.

Flash isn’t that flash any more

It’s not that these sites look bad. Some are very slick. I have a friend in Christchurch that makes good money out of flash for the wedding sector.

But for business, there’s inherent difficulty in rendering these sites on mobile devices, (meaning a secondary website for mobile has to be built), as well as major SEO issues, with Google largely ignoring them, seeing them as a static, single-page site.

marketinggraderHere’s a classic example of a recent site rebuild and how bad they are for businesses. Initially as a flash website it had little traffic and a low marketing grading of 9/100.

marketinggrader2Within days of the site going live with WordPress, it scored 75/100 using Hubspots marketing grader. Which means if ‘being found’ online is the key client objective, then avoid Flash. Yes they often ‘look nice’ but simply don’t get traffic.

Yes, we can rebuild it

The good news is that an old flash site can be rebuilt to modern day standards. Using modern toolsets like jquery and html5 means there’s little in Flash that can’t be ‘converted’ to more modern, Google and mobile-friendly equivalents. And the mobile aspect is now just as vital as getting traffic.

Designing for the Mobile Web

Those visiting websites using mobile or tablet devices is exploding right now. We’re therefore actively promoting ‘responsive designs‘ as a coding option, at no extra cost.

This is something quite new that freaks out some designers, who like their website layouts to look exactly the same, all the time. However it’s an important evolution of the web, making websites more adaptive to mobile technology and making it better for readers of content-rich websites and blogs. To learn more, checkout this video presentation from a young, gifted artist and Web Designer, Sara Cannon.

But a mobile responsive site isn’t the only option today. Mobile apps are growing too, which is some instances are far superior to what can be done in a website.

So, how much better is an adaptive, WordPress site?

The differences in website traffic upgrading from a Flash to our WordPress CMS are usually dramatic, with 3-5x more within 3 months and up to 10x more traffic within a year. This is the sort of story business customers want to hear…

If you’ve a print or client website built in Flash, then let us quote you on an upgrade.

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