Flash Websites — Upgrade now!

We’ve come across a lot of sites recent­ly that from a cod­ing and traf­fic per­spec­tive, are bad for busi­ness.

Always top of the list of course are those web­sites done entire­ly in Flash. This old tech­nol­o­gy should be used spar­ing­ly in a busi­ness web­site. As one design­er not­ed on a design forum, it’s ‘busi­ness sui­cide to use flash’. Visu­al­ly it can be stun­ning. It just lacks an ROI.

Flash isn’t that flash any more

It’s not that these sites look bad. Some are very slick. I have a friend in Christchurch that makes good mon­ey out of flash for the wed­ding sec­tor.

But for busi­ness, there’s inher­ent dif­fi­cul­ty in ren­der­ing these sites on mobile devices, (mean­ing a sec­ondary web­site for mobile has to be built), as well as major SEO issues, with Google large­ly ignor­ing them, see­ing them as a sta­t­ic, sin­gle-page site.

marketinggraderHere’s a clas­sic exam­ple of a recent site rebuild and how bad they are for busi­ness­es. Ini­tial­ly as a flash web­site it had lit­tle traf­fic and a low mar­ket­ing grad­ing of 9/100.

marketinggrader2With­in days of the site going live with Word­Press, it scored 75/100 using Hub­spots mar­ket­ing grad­er. Which means if ‘being found’ online is the key client objec­tive, then avoid Flash. Yes they often ‘look nice’ but sim­ply don’t get traf­fic.

Yes, we can rebuild it

The good news is that an old flash site can be rebuilt to mod­ern day stan­dards. Using mod­ern toolsets like jquery and html5 means there’s lit­tle in Flash that can’t be ‘con­vert­ed’ to more mod­ern, Google and mobile-friend­ly equiv­a­lents. And the mobile aspect is now just as vital as get­ting traf­fic.

Designing for the Mobile Web

Those vis­it­ing web­sites using mobile or tablet devices is explod­ing right now. We’re there­fore active­ly pro­mot­ing ‘respon­sive designs’ as a cod­ing option, at no extra cost.

This is some­thing quite new that freaks out some design­ers, who like their web­site lay­outs to look exact­ly the same, all the time. How­ev­er it’s an impor­tant evo­lu­tion of the web, mak­ing web­sites more adap­tive to mobile tech­nol­o­gy and mak­ing it bet­ter for read­ers of con­tent-rich web­sites and blogs. To learn more, check­out this video pre­sen­ta­tion from a young, gift­ed artist and Web Design­er, Sara Can­non.

But a mobile respon­sive site isn’t the only option today. Mobile apps are grow­ing too, which is some instances are far supe­ri­or to what can be done in a web­site.

So, how much better is an adaptive, WordPress site?

The dif­fer­ences in web­site traf­fic upgrad­ing from a Flash to our Word­Press CMS are usu­al­ly dra­mat­ic, with 3–5x more with­in 3 months and up to 10x more traf­fic with­in a year. This is the sort of sto­ry busi­ness cus­tomers want to hear…

If you’ve a print or client web­site built in Flash, then let us quote you on an upgrade.

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