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There’s been an explo­sion the last 12 months around mobile. 43% of New Zealan­ders now reg­u­lar­ly use their mobile phone for inter­net access, up from 15% a year ago. And the use of tablets will triple in the next 6 months.

How many sales is your old site costing you?

Most NZ busi­ness web­sites suck at dis­play­ing quick­ly on mobile. Most users only give you a max­i­mum four sec­onds — The aver­age busi­ness web­site here takes twice this. Fast, mobile-respon­sive web­sites DO attract a lot more vis­i­tors.

The big prob­lem is that a web­site ‘upgrade’ that views well on mobile devices is often very cost­ly. Some here charge $3,000 or more just to add this sin­gle ‘fea­ture’. Many are still build­ing sep­a­rate mobi or mobile web­sites! Archa­ic.

Do you have Mobile Strategy?

We believe a mobile strat­e­gy should be part of every new busi­ness web­site, with the sin­gle site able to auto­mat­i­cal­ly adapt for mobile vis­i­tors. Mobile-respon­sive web­sites should not a cost­ly option, but a stan­dard fea­ture.

Do you want an App with that?

But it gets even bet­ter. Some web­site designs (like eCom­merce) are just too hard or cost­ly to make mobile respon­sive. We can now pro­vide a sec­ondary method to engage the mobile vis­i­tor. The Mobile App.

A Mobile App can more tight­ly merge your web­site mar­ket­ing con­tent or field ser­vice data with the mobile device. For exam­ple, utilise the phones GPS fea­tures to guide users to your shop or home. Map any­thing for your cus­tomers or field-agents on any pop­u­lar touch phone or tablet. Share your map(s) instant­ly with oth­ers. Our GPS-enabled maps draw con­tent from your web site — so your map is updat­ed instant­ly and auto­mat­i­cal­ly.

Eas­i­er busi­ness reviews too, help­ing your search rank­ing. App users will be able to quick­ly and easy find your lat­est news, fol­low your social net­work feeds, touch to make a phone call or email you, watch your videos, browse your pho­to feeds, make appoint­ments, enter com­pe­ti­tions, quick sur­veys, coupons and much more.

Higher user engagement with Mobile Apps

Open rates for per­mis­sion-based mobile app pro­mo­tions are typ­i­cal­ly 90%, com­pared with 20% for email. (And there’s no fil­ters that can block the offer). A mobile app also lets users store site con­tent for view­ing lat­er ‘offline’ which is great for air­line trav­el­ers. An afford­able toolset ide­al for Gyms, Restau­rants, Retail­ers and Real­ty com­pa­nies..

Say goodbye to app editing and ‘app store’ barriers

Most app devel­op­ers give you a sep­a­rate login to change your ‘mobile app’ dis­play or details. This is stu­pid. Now you can use the same CMS we pro­vide [Word­Press] that is your com­pa­ny web­site, elim­i­nat­ing errors, sav­ing costs, time and frus­tra­tion… And when a smart­phone user vis­its your web­site, your app can be set to launch instant­ly and dis­play up-to-the-sec­ond web site con­tent and social updates — giv­ing you a whole new way to con­nect to cus­tomers. . And a user can share your app instant­ly – by Twit­ter, Google Plus, Face­book or Email. No need to log into iTunes or the android mar­ket­place.

Beyond the iPhone/iPad — Android, Blackberry are important too

Oth­er devel­op­ers just focus upon the iPhone and iPad. How­ev­er Android users are grow­ing in num­bers too. Not hav­ing an Android mobile app iso­lates you from a large, rapid­ly grow­ing mar­ket sec­tor.

Oth­er fea­tures:

  • Awe­some Ana­lyt­ics — allow you to track the app and mea­sure usage and engage­ment.
  • Social Media — Dis­play Face­book and Twit­ter feeds in real time; Add user reviews for SEO and search rank­ing ben­e­fits
  • Redi­rect — option­al­ly redi­rect your web­site to the mobile app. Ensure a pos­i­tive mobile expe­ri­ence and engage­ment.
  • Signups — Build your newslet­ter list with auto­mat­ic signups with­in your app.
  • Appoint­ments — Clients can book appoint­ments through the app, noti­fy­ing you instant­ly.
  • Tap to Con­tact — One-touch tap-to-call & email instant­ly con­nect clients to you. Great for lead gen­er­a­tion.
  • QR Code Mar­ket­ing — Place QR codes on signs and print ads for clients to scan and go direct­ly to your app or list­ing.
  • Send SMS noti­fi­ca­tions — Imme­di­ate­ly alert clients for new list­ings and announce­ments (option­al paid ser­vice).
  • Mort­gage Cal­cu­la­tors — Let clients deter­mine their month­ly pre­mi­ums.

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