New Markets

Remember, marketing is much more than printing today. Here’s the services that form part of today’s marketing matrix. These are not threats, but business opportunities. N.B. You may not do it all yourself, but form relationships with people like ourselves or others, to do it on your behalf.


Three-Step Process

A Marketing Services Provider should start with providing more personalised communications for clients, linked to online promotions.  i.e. Using variable data printing (VDP) to improve response rates, with every campaign including a purl or microsite link, helping customers track response and gain more data about their own clients.

Secondly, tap into the web-savvy consumer. Make it easier for customers to order print online using an e-commerce website that’s open 24 hours. The speed of quoting (or lack thereof) is one of the biggest complaints modern businesspeople have about print and mail – Yet another reason many move to online marketing. Quotes take hours, even days.

Make it easy for customers with private catalogues and calculators they can access online. These e-stores should also let them build their own marketing collaterals or personalised direct mailers using company templates, saving them heaps of time and costs, whilst maintaining brand integrity.

Thirdly, introduce personalised email services plus mobile enablers that includes QR codes and keywords. Even assist with their Facebook pages and produce short videos for Youtube – All working in unison with your customers print or direct mail campaigns.

None of this is particularly difficult, once training is provided.