The WordPress CMS

First­ly it’s impor­tant to note that there are hun­dreds of CMS options avail­able today. Pro­pri­etary solu­tions from the likes of Zeald, plus hun­dreds of oth­ers cod­ed by indi­vid­u­als, as well as major open source options includ­ing Joom­la, Sil­ver­stripe, Dru­pal, Share­point, CMS Made Sim­ple, Dot­Net­Nuke etc, etc.

But just run­ning a CMS based web­site is not a pana­cia for all ills. Far too many CMS tech­nolo­gies in com­mon use today have become nasty, bad­ly cod­ed mon­sters that although cost­ing busi­ness­es thou­sands, are now obso­lete with struc­tures that are hat­ed by the google­bot — Mean­ing lit­tle search traf­fic to the site.

The goal is to have a CMS solu­tion that is

  • lean, mod­ern & upgrad­able
  • inher­ent­ly ‘google friend­ly’
  • well cod­ed & sup­port­ed

Powering Your Design with WordPress

The most Google-friend­ly and fastest grow­ing web­site plat­form on the plan­et is Word­Press. It has a mas­sive 53% CMS mar­ket share, run­ning almost 25% of all new domains reg­is­tered in the US. With hun­dreds of CMS options avail­able to web­site design­er-devel­op­ers, the dom­i­nance of this sin­gle web­site plat­form is breath­tak­ing. Smash­ing Mag­a­zine ran a good arti­cle recent­ly on WP.

The Word­Press v3.0 release in June 2010 turned an indus­try-lead­ing blog­ging plat­form, into a slick, well sup­port­ed, well fea­tured CMS. Once we only used the pow­er­ful Joom­la CMS. Now we, along with ten of thou­sands of oth­er devel­op­ers (and mil­lions of users) world­wide have migrat­ed to Word­Press. Some of the ben­e­fits?

SEO-friendly and Affordable

A sum­ma­ry of the key ben­e­fits:

  • get you more search traf­fic, in less time
  • eas­i­er user site edit­ing by brows­er, mobile or desk­top app
  • con­sid­er­ably cheap­er to upgrade or add new fea­tures
  • devel­op­ers can super-enhance; build cus­tom mod­ules, lay­outs
  • high­ly-fea­tured sites can be built in approx half the cod­ing time
  • super-afford­able eCom­merce mod­ules for small busi­ness
  • often faster (and cheap­er) to cre­ate than a sta­t­ic brochure web­site!

Which means a better, more highly featured website, for less money.

If you’re new to web design, we have some tuto­ri­als and slick lay­outs to get you and your clients start­ed with a sim­ple Word­Press Site or Blog. Bet­ter still, if you’re a graph­ic design­er, we can turn almost any html, Pho­to­shop or Illus­tra­tor design you have, into a stun­ning ‘child theme’ for a unique, ful­ly brand­ed, high traf­fic Word­Press CMS web­site com­plete with built-in blog and afford­able eCom­merce options too.

Easiest Shop Add-on

Like the ‘high end’ cart pack­ages, our afford­able Word­Press-based shop can include:

  • Pay­pal Express plus local bank­ing gate­ways via DPS, eWay, Paysta­tion
  • Cus­tom print­ed invoic­es and deliv­ery labels as stan­dard
  • Smart NZ Post/Courier inte­gra­tion to auto­mate ship­ping cal­cu­la­tions
  • Link­ing to MYOB, Quick­books and Xero account­ing
  • There’s shop vouch­ers, dis­counts, loy­al­ty toolsets
  • Var­i­ous Face­book and email mar­ket­ing toolsets
  • A slick mobile app to track sales on the go.

To learn more about this amaz­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty, give us a call or fill in your details below.

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