eCommerce Shops


magentoOnce, when think­ing seri­ous online stores most devel­op­ers only con­sid­ered Magen­to.  It could han­dle the most com­plex shop­ping sites and every require­ment. But Magen­to (along with sim­i­lar high-end shop­ping tech­nolo­gies like CS-Cart Pro that we’ve also used), is a bit of a beast, tak­ing even experts con­sid­er­able time to set­up and con­fig­ure.

Although the raw soft­ware is vir­tu­al­ly free, spend­ing $6,000+ on get­ting the Magen­to shop designed, brand­ed and run­ning right isn’t unusu­al. Then you invest heaps of time to ‘stock’ the store.  Then the month­ly host­ing and $100/hr sup­port fees. (Magen­to needs a very pow­er­ful host serv­er).

The oth­er alter­na­tive these days are ‘soft­ware as a ser­vice’ providers like Big Com­merce, which we like. How­ev­er although upfront costs can be low if using their stan­dard design tem­plates, they become quite cost­ly when expert­ly brand­ed and opti­mised to the indi­vid­ual.  All these options still require a lot of time and effort by the store own­er or his mar­ket­ing assis­tant to set­up cat­e­gories, add images and upload prod­ucts.

So, what are the oth­er options?


WooCommerceWooCom­merce, run­ning with­in the pop­u­lar Word­Press CMS plat­form is a time­ly alter­na­tive for small­er eCom­merce sites with say 100 –1,000 prod­ucts.

trucksWe’re not say­ing Woo can replace Magen­to, which has been the default high-end shop­ping tech­nol­o­gy for years. No mat­ter what the client require­ment, Magen­to can do the job, which is why many devel­op­ers stick with it and nev­er rec­om­mend any­thing else.

But this atti­tude is self-serv­ing. It rein­forces the view that pro­fes­sion­al online shops are always expen­sive, typ­i­cal­ly $10,000–20,000 by the time it’s run­ning.

But to use a vehi­cle anal­o­gy, Magen­to and sim­i­lar solu­tions is also bit like buy­ing a large truck. Per­fect when you want to move a lot of stuff around like Count­down or a major retail­er. But for many own­ers using Magen­to, they are effec­tive­ly run­ning around town deliv­er­ing lots of small items, with most of the space and fea­tures unused.

Get the right-sized Shop

VW_VanThe real­i­ty is that for many small­er busi­ness­es, they often don’t need the big Magen­to truck, but a mod­ern, more cost-effi­cient WooCom­merce van instead. These are fast, under half the invest­ment cost and eas­i­er to dri­ve too. Run­ning and main­te­nance costs are sig­nif­i­cant­ly low­er too, typ­i­cal­ly sav­ing small busi­ness­es 30–60%. Word­Press based shops will usu­al­ly range from $3,000-$8,000 being under half of tra­di­tion­al options. And being Word­Press-based, when well imple­ment­ed, these low­er cost stores will get more traf­fic too, in less time.

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