6 Ways Websites Can Win Over Clients

When it comes to website design, we’re all in a rut. Disconnected from what customers are looking for.

Examine the typical website. There’s an about page, list of services or products, contact details, FAQ area, news page and often something more on the company history or the owners. Five, maybe ten pages at most. These sites are just plain boring – Have nothing that stands out to engage the customer or elicit a response.

So, what else is needed today to get people to do something when they come to our website?

 1. Success Stories

These are not the case studies or testimonials seen on some websites. These are STORIES about what your customers discovered when working with you. What their original problem was and how you alone resolved it. Ideally, these should be crafted by a good copywriter or someone with journalist training. It’s often hard to admit, but most graphic designers and us geeks are lousy at this…

2. The Offer

When customers arrive at your website, WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO DO? I was reminded of this when listening to my old Auzzie retail marketing guru, Winston Marsh in an interview a few years back. (Link below). You must get site visitors to do something and it has to be worth their while. Don’t expect them to call you just because you have some nice products and great service. Everyone says that.

3. Educational Videos

Now that almost everyone is on broadband, there’s no excuse not to have several videos on your website. These can be educational, promotional or just funny. But above all else, they must be remembered and you must make it easy for people to share it with friends.

4. Start A Blog

If the objective is to BE FOUND online, static 5-page websites are a waste of time and money. Google prefers and sends traffic to lively, relevant sites with fresh content added each week. A website with blogging features included makes this a breeze, which is why we prefer the WordPress platform, which has all this neat stuff as standard…

5. eMail Marketing

It’s an easy way to send out updates or offers to clients at little cost, with links sending people back to your website or storefront with an offer. (e-Storefronts need not be expensive today).

An email campaign will always give your website traffic a boost. Wise Printers will send out direct mailers too, especially for higher value items. It’s been shown that customers who get both email and a printed piece bought 15-25% more! Mix this in with some good old fashioned telephone followup and you’ll be surprised by the results.

6. And Get Social – Start Promoting

This area is over-hyped, but accept that your website is but one channel online. It may be the hub, but if you’re a business, it still needs to interact and get sales leads from other channels like Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube etc. And for more website traffic, you must try online advertising too, being Google Adwords.

ref: That Famous Winston Marsh interview – [audio:http://www.printnet.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/winstonmarsh.mp3|titles=winstonmarsh]

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