Auckland WordCamp 2014 Review

On the 26th July we helped host the Ak Word­Camp event at the AUT, where Word­Press users and geeks got together to learn and talk. Unlike most of the ear­lier Word­Camps, the focus this time was upon edu­cat­ing novices and the newer user, even dis­cussing the free option which is rare at Word­Camps. We fea­tur­ed many speak­ers and … [Read more...]

Slow Death of the [School] Newspaper

The last few years has seen the painful demise of com­mu­nity news­pa­pers world­wide. Sadly, most newsprint pub­lish­ers big and small strug­gled to fol­low their own read­ers to the online world. Yeh ha... This trend is seen in edu­ca­tion cir­cles too. In spite of schools and par­ents invest­ing heav­ily in iPads and IT, most schools are still rely­ing upon printed newslet­ters to … [Read more...]

Auckland WordCamp 26th July

We're the organisor for the annual Auckland WordCamp this year, at the AUT downtown Auckland on 26th July. It's an annual educational event where WordPress users and developers gather to learn and exchange ideas.  WordPress is the world's most popular website and online publishing application, allowing people to run and manage their own website, blog or e-newspaper.  You can signup at the … [Read more...]

Still Offering Brochure Websites?

Those still designing (or thinking about offering) brochure-style websites today are doomed to fail. And those clients you may presently have running these types of html sites will eventually be lost to competitors. These popular 'brochure' websites, no matter how beautiful, often lack the needed business features and are usually ignored by Google, appearing less frequently in a search page … [Read more...]