Avoiding those hosting nightmares

Yes, hosting has become a LOT more complex over the years and the above video from a US colleague sums it up well. A few years back it was quite an easy game for entrepreneurs to get into and make good money. In 2014 it has become a lot harder.

The fact is that the online world has become more hostile and competitive. There’s more traffic online and more nasty individuals or bots trying to hack into websites and the web servers they run on. Here’s a traffic sample from a client site showing regular and high threat traffic, primarily nasty bots. This sort of thing is occurring 24 hours a day on most high traffic websites.bots-threats

Like it or not, host providers have to upgrade their servers as well as hire better technical staff to cope with this hidden menace. Some locals like Rimu hosting, subcontract to expert webserver geeks around the planet to maintain their systems, since most faults can be fixed remotely. A good idea really. This global approach reduces their costs as well as ensuring I can put in a support call any time of the day or night, and get a response within minutes. Businesses now demand this 24/7 service and don’t expect to see their websites down, even for 10 minutes on a Sunday night.

No place for amateurs or DIY enthusiasts.

Who your web developer/designer uses for hosting your business website is critical today. And the needs of your website may be totally different from another. In the age of customised, database-driven websites, no two are the same or require the same hosting resources. And deciding who should be your host provider is not like buying a new car – Seeing who has the ‘best deal’. It is a highly technical decision and one few businesses owners are qualified to make. Even web designers struggle to come to terms with it all, often going with the cheapest option or what a friend has recommended.

It’s an area that is under constant change too. New ultra-reliable, super-fast dedicated or scalable cloud-based options offer great hope for the future. But these new systems are also far more complex, more costly to setup and need more maintenance. The days of the cheap $30-50/mth fee for reliable business website hosting is disappearing fast. But at the same time these newer options and a huge basket of related services can enhance our online presence and business reputation, when expertly assembled.

kgtThe coming years promise to be an interesting time for website development, where the innovators will rise and those that ignore these technological challenges (and opportunities) will quickly fall away.

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