What’s Going Horribly Wrong with Online Design

The problem with so many online websites today is that there's too little design input. Yes, content is king, especially if you run a blog, school or community site. But for business websites, design is important too. Business are often happy to let amateurs do it all, often using templates to save time and costs. The growing use of Facebook as a business presence doesn't help. The branding is … [Read more...]

Still Offering Brochure Websites?

Those still designing (or thinking about offering) brochure-style websites today are doomed to fail. And those clients you may presently have running these types of html sites will eventually be lost to competitors. These popular 'brochure' websites, no matter how beautiful, often lack the needed business features and are usually ignored by Google, appearing less frequently in a search page … [Read more...]

Flash Websites – Upgrade now!

We've come across a lot of sites recently that from a coding and traffic perspective, are bad for business. Always top of the list of course are those websites done entirely in Flash. This old technology should be used sparingly in a business website. As one designer noted on a design forum, it's 'business suicide to use flash'. Visually it can be stunning. It just lacks an ROI. Flash isn't … [Read more...]