Avoiding those hosting nightmares

Yes, hosting has become a LOT more complex over the years and the above video from a US colleague sums it up well. A few years back it was quite an easy game for entrepreneurs to get into and make good money. In 2014 it has become a lot harder. The fact is that the online world has become more hostile and competitive. There's more traffic online and more nasty individuals or bots trying to hack … [Read more...]

Amazon EC2 Cloud vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Our previous post wasn't that kind towards amazon's EC2 web hosting offering. To prove we're not anti-amazon or just massaging results here, I've found a 10min extract of a conference presentation from another developer out of Canada that has utilised both the Amazon cloud and more traditional dedicated hosting options. The stats make for interesting reading and it's information seldom talked … [Read more...]

Amazon EC2 Cloud Hosting Review

We've recently been caught up with a new client that insists upon moving their hosting from a local VPS host provider to the Amazon EC2 cloud solution in Sydney.  We did need an upgrade, since the $100/mth VPS host I initially set them up with (for around 20 websites) was now under-performing, running out of RAM and CPU resource on occasion, especially when under bot attack. My own … [Read more...]