Zeald Websites – How to Compete

Zeald have the highest profile in NZ for website development due to their TV and mass media promotions. For many small businesses looking to create a new website, Zeald are the first company they think of. How Good is the Zeald Offering? I like Zeald, because they’ve raised the bar for web development. They talk the right talk too, with seminars discussing how important it is to get traffic and … [Read more...]

VistaPrint Sells Websites too

The world print industry giant, Vistaprint has been in the internet game for over a decade, selling everything online and doing very nicely. Profits and growth at record highs with the strategies and technologies used well documented within the trade. They aren't alone. A handful of others have successfully copied their ways. One I like is Moo, a digital printer based in the UK, which has a … [Read more...]

Thankyou Google!

The last few weeks have brought massive changes in the way Google search works. Changes that seem to benefit printers. In fact any business with a physical street address. Last year we've noted that when you go to Google and use the term printer, you inevitably get a list of suppliers of desktop printers, not commercial printers. Well that's now changed. Go to Google today and far more actual … [Read more...]

The Print Coach

This week Nick Devine, the UK-based 'Print Coach' produced a great sales strategy video that every printer should view. It actually works, though is not commonly done. "The Law of Small Numbers". I suggest you sign up to his blog at www.theprintcoach.com … [Read more...]

Photobooks Still Booming

At least in the US market… I was reminded of this from a recent announcement that Shutterfly has purchased another print operation (read more), further expanding it’s print service offerings. Shutterfly does of course have a big online presence here too for photobooks, although I’m unsure where the actual printing is done.  … [Read more...]