Stop Print Customers Defecting!

This is an update of an article we wrote back in May 2010.

It’s not just other printers that you need to worry about these days when customers leave. It’s other media channels. As the move towards digital and online marketing is so overwhelming and the benefits undeniable, why not tap into these opportunities by offering new media services to your business clients?

Too often when customers disappear on you, it’s because an email or web marketing company has lured them away

… At least if you offered these online services, you’d be able to retain some print work too, providing a smarter, more ‘balanced’ strategy.

Listen to the Doctor

Here’s an extract from respected Print Industry guru Dr Joe Webb, in his May 20th 2010 article:

“…The problem is communications budgets being spread over many media. No one knows where someone will be at a particular time that they will be spurred to seek or access information…  I may prefer choosing a restaurant from a newspaper review, but when I have to meet a client, I search for restaurants on an iPhone, and I can take a peek at the full menu as I make my choice….  all promotions must have more than one medium

A restaurant does need:

  • an [interactive] website,
  • an e-mail campaign,
  • print advertising,
  • listings in directories,
  • signage, menus, cards

There is nothing in that list that a print business cannot facilitate. It turns out most other businesses do too… There must, however, be a consistency of design from medium to medium for the effects of brand building to occur. This consistency is hard to achieve.

Your customers really don’t want to leave you – Give them reasons to stay

None of this is easy. None of it is new. There is nothing blocking print organizations from becoming experts at implementation of these ideas [themselves or by utilising outside partners]…. Unless we begin to associate ourselves with these new media options directly, we will not be at any table where communications decisions are made.”

For those that want to know more about Dr Joe Webb, here’s a recent interview, answering the question “what should printers be doing to survive?”

Source article from whattheythink. Brilliant as always Dr Joe.