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There’s been an explosion the last 12 months around mobile. 43% of New Zealanders now regularly use their mobile phone for internet access, up from 15% a year ago. And the use of tablets will triple in the next 6 months.

How many sales is your old site costing you?

Most NZ business websites suck at displaying quickly on mobile. Most users only give you a maximum four seconds – The average business website here takes twice this. Fast, mobile-responsive websites DO attract a lot more visitors.

The big problem is that a website ‘upgrade’ that views well on mobile devices is often very costly. Some here charge $3,000 or more just to add this single ‘feature’. Many are still building separate mobi or mobile websites! Archaic.

Do you have Mobile Strategy?

We believe a mobile strategy should be part of every new business website, with the single site able to automatically adapt for mobile visitors. Mobile-responsive websites should not a costly option, but a standard feature.

Do you want an App with that?

But it gets even better. Some website designs (like eCommerce) are just too hard or costly to make mobile responsive. We can now provide a secondary method to engage the mobile visitor. The Mobile App.

A Mobile App can more tightly merge your website marketing content or field service data with the mobile device. For example, utilise the phones GPS features to guide users to your shop or home. Map anything for your customers or field-agents on any popular touch phone or tablet. Share your map(s) instantly with others. Our GPS-enabled maps draw content from your web site – so your map is updated instantly and automatically.

Easier business reviews too, helping your search ranking. App users will be able to quickly and easy find your latest news, follow your social network feeds, touch to make a phone call or email you, watch your videos, browse your photo feeds, make appointments, enter competitions, quick surveys, coupons and much more.

Higher user engagement with Mobile Apps

Open rates for permission-based mobile app promotions are typically 90%, compared with 20% for email. (And there’s no filters that can block the offer). A mobile app also lets users store site content for viewing later ‘offline’ which is great for airline travelers. An affordable toolset ideal for Gyms, Restaurants, Retailers and Realty companies..

Say goodbye to app editing and ‘app store’ barriers

Most app developers give you a separate login to change your ‘mobile app’ display or details. This is stupid. Now you can use the same CMS we provide [WordPress] that is your company website, eliminating errors, saving costs, time and frustration… And when a smartphone user visits your website, your app can be set to launch instantly and display up-to-the-second web site content and social updates – giving you a whole new way to connect to customers. . And a user can share your app instantly – by Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook or Email. No need to log into iTunes or the android marketplace.

Beyond the iPhone/iPad – Android, Blackberry are important too

Other developers just focus upon the iPhone and iPad. However Android users are growing in numbers too. Not having an Android mobile app isolates you from a large, rapidly growing market sector.

Other features:

  • Awesome Analytics – allow you to track the app and measure usage and engagement.
  • Social Media – Display Facebook and Twitter feeds in real time; Add user reviews for SEO and search ranking benefits
  • Redirect – optionally redirect your website to the mobile app. Ensure a positive mobile experience and engagement.
  • Signups – Build your newsletter list with automatic signups within your app.
  • Appointments – Clients can book appointments through the app, notifying you instantly.
  • Tap to Contact – One-touch tap-to-call & email instantly connect clients to you. Great for lead generation.
  • QR Code Marketing – Place QR codes on signs and print ads for clients to scan and go directly to your app or listing.
  • Send SMS notifications – Immediately alert clients for new listings and announcements (optional paid service).
  • Mortgage Calculators – Let clients determine their monthly premiums.

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