Still Offering Brochure Websites?

Those still designing (or thinking about offering) brochure-style websites today are doomed to fail. And those clients you may presently have running these types of html sites will eventually be lost to competitors.

These popular ‘brochure’ websites, no matter how beautiful, often lack the needed business features and are usually ignored by Google, appearing less frequently in a search page result. Read more. Priority is now given to blog-style sites that have new, fresh content added daily or weekly.

But it’s not a pure ‘design’ problem

Many clients with these brochure sites often love how it looks and will tell you so. The Visual Design is often GREAT and the designer can be proud. But unknown to the client or designer, Google HATES THE SITE, sending it very little traffic – Even though the designer added in all the right keywords and meta descriptions. Something’s missing…

Ultimately, these clients will be approached by a web developer like Zeald that offers them a highly featured CMS (content-managed) website plus SEO package that inherently gets more traffic and makes sales. Your pretty Dreamweaver website hasn’t got a chance…

So, what’s the answer? Can old html sites be upgraded to a ‘Google friendly’ CMS equivalent? Absolutely.

Easy Upgrades – Apply Here

For those graphic designers in the print industry that offer website design services or looking to offer such services, we have a special website coding service. We can take your HTML or Photoshop designs and convert them to a modern CMS (Content Management System), Blogging or eCommerce platform.

For details on how we can turn your static html designs or PSD files into a slick, ultra-modern CMS website, blog or e-storefront, that easy to sell and support, fill in the form below

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