The WordPress CMS

Firstly it’s important to note that there are hundreds of CMS options available today. Proprietary solutions from the likes of Zeald, plus hundreds of others coded by individuals, as well as major open source options including Joomla, Silverstripe, Drupal, Sharepoint, CMS Made Simple, DotNetNuke etc, etc.

But just running a CMS based website is not a panacia for all ills. Far too many CMS technologies in common use today have become nasty, badly coded monsters that although costing businesses thousands, are now obsolete with structures that are hated by the googlebot – Meaning little search traffic to the site.

The goal is to have a CMS solution that is

  • lean, modern & upgradable
  • inherently ‘google friendly’
  • well coded & supported

Powering Your Design with WordPress

The most Google-friendly and fastest growing website platform on the planet is WordPress. It has a massive 53% CMS market share, running almost 25% of all new domains registered in the US. With hundreds of CMS options available to website designer-developers, the dominance of this single website platform is breathtaking. Smashing Magazine ran a good article recently on WP.

The WordPress v3.0 release in June 2010 turned an industry-leading blogging platform, into a slick, well supported, well featured CMS. Once we only used the powerful Joomla CMS. Now we, along with ten of thousands of other developers (and millions of users) worldwide have migrated to WordPress. Some of the benefits?

SEO-friendly and Affordable

A summary of the key benefits:

  • get you more search traffic, in less time
  • easier user site editing by browser, mobile or desktop app
  • considerably cheaper to upgrade or add new features
  • developers can super-enhance; build custom modules, layouts
  • highly-featured sites can be built in approx half the coding time
  • super-affordable eCommerce modules for small business
  • often faster (and cheaper) to create than a static brochure website!

Which means a better, more highly featured website, for less money.

If you’re new to web design, we have some tutorials and slick layouts to get you and your clients started with a simple WordPress Site or Blog. Better still, if you’re a graphic designer, we can turn almost any html, Photoshop or Illustrator design you have, into a stunning ‘child theme’ for a unique, fully branded, high traffic WordPress CMS website complete with built-in blog and affordable eCommerce options too.

Easiest Shop Add-on

Like the ‘high end’ cart packages, our affordable WordPress-based shop can include:

  • Paypal Express plus local banking gateways via DPS, eWay, Paystation
  • Custom printed invoices and delivery labels as standard
  • Smart NZ Post/Courier integration to automate shipping calculations
  • Linking to MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero accounting
  • There’s shop vouchers, discounts, loyalty toolsets
  • Various Facebook and email marketing toolsets
  • A slick mobile app to track sales on the go.

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